Indian Journal Training and Development is a quarterly journal of Indian Society for Training and Development. It caters to the needs of academics, corporate professionals and practitioners in the field of learning and development. It invites original contributions for its forthcoming issue.

The contributions can be made to any of the following categories:

  1. Research Paper– Conceptual, analytical or empirical research papers using qualitative or quantitative methodology are invited from researchers, academics and corporate professionals. The empirical papers should include literature review, rationale and appropriate research methodology, rigorous analysis and conclusion.
    The submission should be in APA style (between 4000-5000 words).
  2. Practitioner’s perspective: Perspective articles based on unique or rich experience, or innovative L & D practice or experiential learning, artificial intelligence or emerging technologies. (between 4000-5000 words).
  3. Case or case study of an organisation (2500-3000 words) with approval of the organisation.
  4. Book Reviews – The review of a recently published book relating to learning and development / human resource management.

The diagrams, image or a picture in above should be in high resolution. Graphs and tables should be in MS word format (on a separate sheet) marked for insertion at appropriate place in the text.

All the submissions should be sent to and

Please submit your contributions on the above two journal IDs Only.

Prof (Dr.) Radha R. Sharma
Chief Editor
Indian Journal of Training & Development

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