1. Quote your Registration No :
REGISTRATION NUMBER MUST ALWAYS BE QUOTED in all your correspondence to Diploma Office for our reference and prompt follow up action.

2. Payment of Second Installment Fee :
If second and third installments are due, it must be paid within 3 months from the date of admission. The registration in Diploma Programme will be treated valid only after the full payment of course fee.

3. Duration of Registration :
The registration will be valid for 4 YEARS from the date commencement. All the eight papers followed by internship must be completed, before the expiry date.

4. Intimate Change of Address :
To ensure correct and timely dispatch or reading materials and other mail from the Diploma office, change of address, if any, must be intimated at least six weeks in advance: Arrangements should always be made for the collection of extra mail at the old location till action is taken by the Diploma Office in this regard. Defaulters will be charged for extra expenses incurred by Diploma Office on re-mailing, if the materials are received back Additional charges for the materials will have to be paid by the student if the mail is lost due to un-intimated change of address.

5. Check Course Materials :
On receipt of study materials, student should meticulously check all the contents. In case, there is anything missing, the same should be intimated to Diploma Office within 7 days of the receipt of materials.

6. Lost Mail / Materials :
Diploma Office will not be held responsible for non-receipt of Ordinary mail, incase during transit, study materials are damaged beyond repair or lost it should be intimated within 7 days to Diploma Office for necessary action. Damaged materials must always be sent along with a request for replacement.

7. Fee for Duplicate Course Communication :
A duplicate set of Course Communications can be available to only registered students of Diploma Programme at the rate of Rs.400/- per paper (except in the case of non-ISTD publications, which subject to availability may be supplied on catalogue price.)

8. OId Question Papers :
A set of old question papers can be had from the Diploma Office on payment of Rs. 300/ – by Demand Draft. There are no solved question papers or model answers available with the Diploma Office.

9. Examination :
Student of January batch can taken their written examinations for Part-A papers I, II, III & IV, in June. They can take Part-B examinations i.e. for Papers V, VI, VII & VlII in December only. However, they can also appear / re-appear for Part-A paper (s) which they might have skipped / failed in June examinations, No prior approval is necessary, if a student decides to skip an examination. Student of July batch may appear for Part-A papers-I, II, III & IV in December and Part-B Papers V, VI, VII &.VIII in June examinations, if otherwise eligible.

10. Eligibility for Examinations:
The Examination Admission Ticket will be issued to. those applicants only who fulfill the following conditions:
(i) Payment of full course fee.
(ii) Submission of required Response Sheets before 15th April for June examination and before 15th Oct. for Dec. examinations pertaining to paper(s) for which the student desires to take examinations.
(iii) Submission of Examination Application latest 30th Nov. for Dec. exams, and 31st May for June Examinations.
(iv) Payment of examination fee @ Rs. 500/- per paper.

11. Examination Results:
Examination results will be declared by 10th March arid 10th September unless intimated otherwise. Examination result will be displayed on the website of ISTD and students can check in the Dashboard once they are logged into thier account. Telephonic enquiry about Marks could be made by the student only after the dates indicated above.

12. Identity Card :
The student has to show Identity Card issued by Diploma Office at Examination Centre. Identity Card will be issued to those who complete their Registration Process and upload the Profile Photo in the online portal of ISTD in the Dashboard. Students can then download the ID card from their Dashboard.

13. Use of Suffix `DIP-TD’ :
Student shall be entitled to use suffix Dip-TD, only after they are awarded the Diploma Certificate.

14. ISTD National Office Library :
At The Training House, New Delhi we have a well-equipped reference Library having a large number of relevant books and copies of Final Internship Report etc. The Library may be used by Diploma students on all the days including week ends. No materials can be issued to any members / students on loan.

15. Book Bank for Diploma Students :
A few copies of some relevant books are available in Book Barik, Registered students can borrow one book at a time for maximum of 15 days. It may be emphasized that the books available in the book bank are meant for additional reading only. These are not text books not should these be depended upon in any for completion of response sheets or examination. However, if a student is interested to borrow a book, he / she should procure from Diploma Office : (a) Annoted Bibliography of books and (b) Issue Slip.

16. Contact Programmes :
Contact Programmes will be organized five times in a Semester.

All enquiries concerning contact classes / contact programme should be addressed to local Incharge of Diploma Programme. As contact Programme is purely optional and voluntary it will taken place only when a suitable number of students intimate their willingness to attend it and their local incharge at the earliest, so that a contact programme could be organized before the semester exams.

17. ISTD Membership :
All registered Diploma candidates by virtue of their qualifications / experience are eligible to acquire ISTD’s individual Membership, if they so desire. They may send their request for ISTD Membership Form etc. directly to the Executive Director / Administrative Officer ISTD, New Delhi. Any enquiries about subscription to ISTD Journal, Seminar In-company training etc. should be sent separately to the Executive Director, ISTD.

18. Diploma Programme Office :
The Diploma Programme Office is located in the `Training House’ B-23, Institutional Area, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi – 110016, ISTD is about half a kilometer from K.V.S. Road, Map to ISTD is given overleaf.

ISTD Diploma

NEFT Details for Diploma Course Fees:

Name of the Bank: Indian Bank
A/c Name: ISTD Diploma Programme
Branch: Mehrauli Institutional Area
A/C No.: 405039711
MICR Code: 110019018

ISTD Membership

NEFT Details for Membership Fees:

Name of the Bank: Indian Bank
Account Name: Indian Society for Training & Development
Account No: 405039697
Branch: Mehrauli Institutional Area
MICR Code: 110019018

ISTD Training Programmes / Conference

NEFT Details for Programme/Conference Fees:

Name of the Bank: Indian Bank
Account Name: Indian Society for Training & Development
Account No: 405039697
Branch: Mehrauli Institutional Area
MICR Code: 110019018