ISTD Diploma Course - FAQ

Q. How do I register on
A. To register on please click on to the link Register here. You will find this link on to the right corner of the site.

Q. Under what category should I register myself?
A. At present you can only register oneself on to the site as a student. If you are a Board Member or a faculty, you can request ISTD to allot you the required login and password. This password and login will automatically be de-activated once you cease to be a board member or a faculty. All other officials of ISTD Diploma Board, Director, Asst. Director ad few key members can also be alloted the password and login through ISTDDIPLOMA.ORG'S management Panel. For any query contact ISTD.

Q. I have tried to register on to the site but it says registration failed. Why?
A. If you have tried to register on to the site and you have been unable to register than there are the following possibilities:
1. You have not entered your Roll no. Enter correct roll no.
2. You have not entered your Year of Admission. Enter correct year of admission.
3. You have not entered any other required information.
4. You name is not in the students database of ISTD as entered by ISTD officials. In such case please contact ISTD and request them to enter one's information on the net to allow you to register on the site.
5. In case you are an old student (registered before 2001) then please request Istd for submitting the details in the database of to facilitate you for availing this facility.

Q. I am a student. How do I access my area?
A. Please enter your login and password in the required field. You can find this field at the right corner of the site. It says, "Enter your login!" Just in case, if you are not registered or do not has a login or password then, please register yourself on the site. You can do this by clicking on the link right below the password ad login field.

Q.What privilages do I get as a registered student on
A. As a registered student, you have access to features like:

Submission of Project Reports
Update Record, change in address, email
Change Password
See Your Result for the semester
Exit Form
Sample Papers
Enroll Online for a seminar
Read Sample Chapter from the ISTD Publications
Download Membership form
Email your Complaints and Suggestions to the concerned official
Simple Quizzes as per the subject
Discussion Board

Q. I cannot download the second semester course material. Why?
A. Right now the facility of download the course content of just the 1st semester is available. The facility to download the course content of second semester will be activated late, as per the fees paid by the student.

Q. How to send the project report?
A. Click on the link 'submit Project report'. Enter required details. Attach the zip file of your report. It will be send to the required official of ISTD. Please send your project report by post also, just in case the email is not acknowledged by the ISTD Officials.

Project Report Submission by students

1. The student can submit, print, or delete project report.
2. It will be automatically identified from the database about what semester the person is in.
3. The faculty name has to be specified
4. It will be emailed to the faculty.
5. .exe files are not to be accepted when the person browses and attaches the file.
6. The file has to be in Zip format
7. If the project report is not submitted on time then it will give the error message that the report has not been submitted on time. Please pay the late submission fees at the institute and try submitting the project report later.
8. The time factor for Project report submission will be determined by the server clock, so that a person cannot go to back date in his system and submit the report.
9. On submit the project report has to be emailed to 2 people and also added to the database. It will be emailed to the concerned faculty and or which will be rerouted to VC.
10. The student can view what all project reports she/he submitted during the entire course duration.

The project report will be deleted from the database after 40 days automatically but only the information like: date of submission, time of submission, project report title, Faculty name n email plus 100 first words will be available

Q. How do I see my individual Marks?
A. You can see you individual marks by clicking on see your results from control panel. You will be able to see marks in all subjects, for all examinations that you have appeared in. This will depend on ISTD officials as to from which year they have started entering the marks.
In case you are an old student (registered before 2001) then please request ISTD for submitting the details in the database of to facilitate you for availing this facility.

Q. How do I send the articles for Journal?
A. Click on the link send articles for the journal. This will be emailed to the required person.

Q. How do I use the quizzes in my area?
A. After you enter the students Room, you can select the simple quiz. After clicking you enter the area where there are many quizzes. These quizzes are multiple choice questions based on your curriculum. All you have to do is click on the right answer ad you can even see the score there and then.






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